Must read this news before making a relationship with an older woman

Oct 16 2019 05:00 PM
Must read this news before making a relationship with an older woman

In today's time, if lust rides on a person's head, he does not even see who belongs to him. Nowadays people do not see anything because of their lust but it has been said that before making a physical relationship, a lot of thought should be done. Yes, actually it has been told in the Indian scriptures that women should not have physical relations, and today we are going to tell you about them. 

Widow woman: - According to Indian scriptures, the widow should not make physical relations with any man, but if she wants to have a relationship then she should get married first.

Friend's wife: - It is said that physical relationship with a friend's wife is a sin, for this reason, it should not be done. In Hindu scriptures, betrayal of a friend is not appropriate at all and the same applies to women.

Minor girl: - It is said in the Indian scriptures that men and women were told never to establish physical relations with a minor boy or girl.

Women on the way: - It is said that it is forbidden to have a relationship with a woman on the road because doing so is also wrong and doing so also poses danger.

Famous woman: - It is said that any such woman who is very famous, it is your good to stay away from her too and you should not make a relationship with her.

Older woman: - It is said that if a woman or man is older than you, then do not form a relationship with her, because its punishment in the scriptures is very frightening.

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