Do not make these mistakes during periods

Women often face many types of problems in periods. Among them, stomach ache, bad smell are common. Problems like body pain, bleeding insomnia and headache also occur. According to doctors, these problems can be caused by painkillers, unsafe pads and food. Woman uses many methods to get rid of stomach ache and bad smell. Those who provide immediate relief to them, but in future, it can cause great harm to health. 

Avoid eating pen killers: Due to periods, most women have the problem of stomach ache. In which one has to face unbearable pain. To get rid of it immediately, women resort to pain killers. These pain killers certainly provide relief to them but can prove to be very harmful for health in future. According to the American National Library of Medicine, pain killers taken during periods are extremely harmful. They eliminate good bacteria from the body. This may cause kidney, liver and heart-related problems in the future. Therefore, you should avoid taking pain killers.

Do not use perfume: Many women use a variety of perfumes to conceal bad smell caused by periods. This can get rid of bad smell for some time, but it can be harmful for your skin. The perfume contains many types of chemicals that can cause infections in your skin. Therefore, it should be avoided.

Do not use the same sanitary napkin for a long time: Women keep using the same sanitary napkin for a long period of time during periods. This can harm your health. By using sanitary napkins, one already reduces the air circulation significantly. Using the same napkin for a long time causes bacteria to develop, which can cause allergies or infections. So make sure to change the napkin every three hours.

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