Never ever offer these 20 flowers to Lord Shiva or else...

Jul 20 2019 05:28 PM
Never ever offer these 20 flowers to Lord Shiva or else...

The month of Sawan is very special for the devotees of Bholenath and the month of Sawan has started on 17th July. Lord Bholenath is very fond of the month of Sawan and during this month Shiva devotees pay special attention to worship and worship. During this period, the Lord is offered a variety of flowers which are loved by him, but sometimes it is not taken into account whose flowers are being offered to Lord Shiva, but it is very important that there are 20 flowers which are not to be offered to Lord Bholenath. 

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Today we are going to tell you about the 20 flowers that should not be offered to Lord Shiva. Yes, tell all of you that the fasting of Monday in Sawan is considered to be very important with the worship of Lord Shiva and it is believed that the fruit of fasting on Monday of Sawan is about ten times more than the normal days.

You should tell everyone that during this period, the puja has been given importance and during the worship of Shiva, there are a total of twenty types of flowers, including Ketki Madanti, Kewra and Juhi, which are not used. Today we're going to tell you about those 20 flowers.

It is forbidden in Shiva Puja: 20 flowers of Ketki, flowers of Madanti, flowers of Kevda, flowers of Juhi, flowers of Kund, flowers of shrubs, flowers of pomegranate, flowers of Kadamba, Semal flowers, flowers of Kathumar, flowers of cotton, flowers of leaflets Gumhari Flowers, Bahera Flowers, Tintini Flowers, Carrot Flowers, Cath Flowers, Kosht Flowers, Dhava Flowers.

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