Do not starts any auspicious work today from 1:30 pm to 03:00 pm

Jun 06 2019 02:04 PM
Do not starts any auspicious work today from 1:30 pm to 03:00 pm

In today's times, people faith in a calendar much more than horoscope. So let us know today's Almanac. He says, "Panchang is an auspicious time. It describes the motion of the sun and Moon. Muhurat has its own special significance. Each work should be done in auspicious muhurat. With this, Abhijit Muhurat is very much preferable to start any work. Do not start any work in the Rahukal. The amount of moon that is located also has its own significance. The seed of that planet must chant the mantra that day.

Today's Almanac-

Aspect form
Nakshatra-Punarvasu by 08:30 pm then Pushya
Karan-Thunderstorms up to 09:55 pm
Sun Zodiac-Taurus, Swadesh-Fri
Lunar Zodiac-Gemini, Swamrah-Wed 02:50 pm after cancer zodiac, Swamrah-Moon
Sunrise-05:27 AM
Sunset 07:12 pm
Shubh Muhurat-Abhijit Muhurat-11:52 am to 12:47
Unlucky Muhurat-Rahukal-noon-01:30 pm to 03 pm

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