If you also use mobile while charging, then first watch this video

Never use electric goods while keeping them on charging. Yes, because many times there are such shocking cases that our senses are blown away when we see it. Many times people charge their phone and use it for hours. Yes, and there is a warning about it, even after that, people do it. Now, an incident has also come to light recently. In fact, now a video is going viral on social sites and the senses of who is watching this video are flying. In this video, a woman is talking to someone by putting her mobile on charge. Seeing the incident that happens during this time, your soul will tremble.


Let you all know that at this time the video of this incident is doing the rounds on social media. On the other hand, people's sleepless nights have been blown away by watching this video. This video is so gruesome that people are afraid to use their phones. You can see that in this video, the woman is walking here and there while talking on the phone. Yes, and during this time, the phone she is talking to is charging. At the same time, the woman was charging the phone at the point near her bed, but then do not know what happens that the woman gets a loud shock.

In this video, you can see that she was also constantly talking to someone, but suddenly she gets a loud shock and she throws the mobile with her hand. In this video, it can be seen that the spark comes out of the charging point, however, the problem remains that the woman does not get any serious injury. This video is now being shared to explain to people.

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