Do these 4 things when you see someone's 'Antim Yatra'

You all must have seen many dead bodies in your life. But you may not know what to do after watching the corpse. In Srimad Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna has said that the human body is mortal, immortal is just soul and one who is born will surely die. In such a situation, if someone's funeral is visible to you, then you should definitely do this 4 auspicious work. Let's know about them.

The first auspicious work - It is said that if a person is involved in one's last journey, shoulder the corpse, then his virtues increase and all his old sins are destroyed due to this virtue.

The second auspicious work - it is said that if we are unable to attend the last journey of an unknown person due to lack of time, then whenever we see the funeral procession, then we should stop. During that time,  pray to God to give peace to the soul of the dead person.

Third auspicious work - It is said that it is necessary to chant the name of Ram as soon as the dead body is seen. In fact, according to the Shriramcharit Manas, Lord Shiva is pleased with the chanting of Rama, and it is said in the Shiv Purana that after death, the soul merges with the Supreme God.

Fourth auspicious work - It is said that the funeral should be silent. At that time if you are on a car or bike, do not play the horn. Performing this work shows a sense of respect for the dead person.

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