Do these measures in a house to remove Evil Eye effects from all your belongings

May 19 2019 02:15 PM
Do these measures in a house to remove Evil Eye effects from all your belongings

Many times in life we face evil eyes impact in life. The bad look does not look just on career, business or wealth but sometimes it takes relationships and love too. We suffer most when our children suffer from it.  Evil Eyesight is considered to be a type of defect. The blame that often brings man from the floor to the floor. In such a case, whenever you feel that all your efforts are going to fail in a sudden, despite hard work, you are going to suffer loss rather than benefit in the business, then try these precise measures to remove evil eye effects

When the sudden losses in the business occurring if you think that your business has started to slow down and despite all the efforts, things are not coming in control, then you can make the perfect remedy for lemon and chilli in your shop. You can paralyze the fault of the evil eye by hanging it in any corner of your shop. This measure will not only be used to deny vision but also architecturalism. But keep in mind that this trick should be done only on Tuesdays and Saturdays and never leaking plastic lemon peppers. Must replace chili and lemon juice immediately.

When evil eye impact on house If you feel very heavy after entering the house or you yourself feel that the house is surrounded by all the problems, then you can lock the coconut in a black cloth and hang it out of the house. After doing this remedy, a bad look at home will be removed. Plucked in a black thread on the wall of the house, hanging on the pelvic floor does not seem to blame.

When the earning member of house is seen to be screwed,

When a man or a woman in the house is seen, roll it out and take the piece of the alum seven times from head to toe. By taking this procedure from head to feet, touching the tail and turning it around the head again. After this, place the piece of alum on the kunda or paper etc. and set it on fire. As the flame burns in the fire, the evil eye will disappear. Removal of chilli over the eyes of the person who is seen on the other side also removes the eye defects.

When the child is seen to have evil eye effect Milk, if the child is not drinking milk, then he is seen to be blamed by taking three times the milk from his head and giving it to the dog. If you have a doubt about a woman or a man that he has taken a look at your child, then you should touch that person on your child's head. The effect of the eye defects will be overcome.

When you see effect evil eye on food a meal, look after the food of a member of the house, after serving his plate, take out a little portion of all the food items and keep it on a leaf and spread it on the cross and put it on the crossroads. Keep in mind that after completing this process, do not turn back and look back.

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