Do these things on Thursday to get success in life

Feb 27 2020 05:24 PM
Do these things on Thursday to get success in life

Thursday's remedies provide many benefits, and the person develops sattvic qualities. With this, his knowledge increases and Thursday's measures are considered effective for getting children. Along with this, Thursday's remedy is also important to get the blessings of the gurus. According to religious belief, this day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, while the blessings of Lord Vishnu get rid of all kinds of troubles. At the same time, luck is not supporting you or any problem is going on, on Thursday, taking some easy measures can change your luck. Along with this, in astrology, Thursday measures have been asked to strengthen the planet Jupiter in the horoscope. Thursday measures are as follows -

Use yellow more and more
On this day, yellow flowers, gram dal, yellow cloth, and yellow sandalwood should be used in worship. Yellow clothes and yellow flowers should also be worn.

Take these things in food and avoid them
Chana dal should be used in food on Thursday and salt should not be eaten. It is possible to eat only one meal on this day.

Women must fast on this day
On Thursday, any person can fast, but according to astrology, this fast should be done exclusively for women. Fasting on this day brings special fruit.

Do not eat bananas on this day
Banana is worshiped on this day, so eating bananas is prohibited on this day. Banana is offered to Lord Vishnu on this day. Those keeping the fast should not forget to consume bananas on this day.

Must worship
Do worship on this day and if possible, visit the temple.

Women should not do this work even by mistake

Choose colors to play Holi according to zodiac

Know your girlfriend's personality with her favorite color



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