Do these Totke during Navratri, Happiness and peace will find you….
Do these Totke during Navratri, Happiness and peace will find you….

For nine days of Navaratri, every temple has a special pooja of Mother Rani and these days are considered very auspicious. If you worship the mother with a true heart during nine days, your mother fulfills all your wishing mother. In the same way, if you do the measures described below at Navaratri, you get special benefits in life.

Do these simple tricks during Navratri and change your life

For increase benefit in  trade

During Navratri, you take five lemons, some yellow mustard and black pepper and put them in a cloth and keep this cloth in your shop or business place. Then carry all these things the next day and put it inside the ground. Try to find these things in a deserted place. During this Navratri, doing this annoyance will start flowing in your business and you will not be short of money.

For monetary benefit

On Ashtami or Navami, you place the rice found on vermilion on the ground and keep the plant on it. Burn 9 lamps near the plant and keep flowers and fruits near it. Let these lamps burn you till the evening, and when these Diyas become calm, then you should lift the tamarind and put it in the worship house. While the other material you flush in water By doing this measure, you will get the money benefit.

To get a job

On the last day of Navaratri, you worship 108 gold beetles and take the rosary beads. To worship the gardener you sit on a white colored seat and keep your mouth east direction. Now you put a yellow cloth and put on it a rhinestone garland. After keeping rosary, you worship Him and chant the chanting of 'Uh Hali Wagwadini Bhagwati Mama Kama Siddhi Kuru Kuru Fate Swaha'. You should speak this mantra 31 times. You can do this process for 11 days. After 11 days, you pick up this garland and put it in the temple and whenever you are interviewed, you should wear this garland. By holding these goods you will get a job.

For wish fulfilment

On the last Navaratri, you go to the temple and worship Shivling and give milk, curd, ghee, honey, rice, sandalwood, flowers and sugars on Shivling. After this, burn a lamp and pronounce the word "Oo Namah: besides". By taking these steps, the grace of Shiva will be made upon you and you will fulfill your desire soon.

For a peaceful atmosphere at home

On the last Navaratri, you make this mantra 'All the male, love each other. Swadharam Karma Shruti Policy. Chanting about 108 grams of indigenous ghee in fire. By chanting this mantra, the atmosphere of your home will be perfect and the tension between the people of the house will also end. You can chant this mantra at any time.

For get marriage

You should worship Lord Shiva and Parvati mother on nine days of Navratri, and in this chant, O Shank Shankaray, gross-born-papa-vadvansanayi, Purushartha- Chatutheya-labhaye Chatti, Dehi kuru kuru swaha. Chant Worshiping Shiva and Parvati mother will end your problems in marriage and you will soon get married.

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