Keep these tips in mind if your daughter is getting married

Nov 08 2019 05:45 PM
Keep these tips in mind if your daughter is getting married

From today onwards, all the auspicious works and weddings will start in the houses. In such a situation, when a girl's Bidaai (Farewll) takes place, there is a feeling of sorrow in the whole family and everyone becomes sad. Every member's eyes become moist, especially that of the parents. Now today we are going to tell you some tips for the happy marriage life of girl.

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1. If the girl is visiting her in-law for the first time, she should take a coconut from her house and do regular puja after setting it in her house of worship (Pooja Ghar). It is said that by doing this, mutual love between the husband and wife increases.

2. The girl should take 7 turmeric bales to her house when she goes to her in-law's house for the first time after marriage and then she should tie it in a yellow cloth and keep it in her cupboard. This will bring wealth in her law's house.

3. At the time of Bidaai, the girl should take a little Sindoor from her mother and fill the same Sindoor. This will increase luck and the husband loves her with all her life.

4. Parents mix green henna in whole black urad and throw it in the direction in which the bride and groom's house is, this will increase the mutual love between the two.

5. If a married woman takes 7 whole gems of turmeric, a piece of brass, a little jaggery and puts it on the door of her in-law's house, then the in-laws love the girl.

6. When the girl is given farewell after marriage, the mother or father should take Gangajal in a lotus, put a little turmeric, a copper coin to the girl's head for 7 times and throw it to a desolate place because in doing so, the girl will remain happy.

7. If the girl is going to her in-law's house for the first time, take 4 copper bananas as a loan from her mother and leave them in the four legs of the sleeping bed. It is said that by doing this remedy, love between the husband and wife increases.

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