Do this kind of hair care before bedtime
Do this kind of hair care before bedtime

At night we often can't take care of our hair. This causes hair breakage and becomes ruffled. Not taking proper care of hair can lead to hair loss, itching in the scalp or dandruff. In this case, you should take care of certain things while sleeping so that your hair is healthy and strong and the problem of counting hair is reduced. Today we are going to tell you what kind of hair should pay attention at night time.

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Do not use elastic bands:
There is a hair loss problem at bedtime and if you sleep at night, it can increase the problem of hair fractures. When you use an elastic band, it breaks the hair and causes tension on the roots.

Loosening hair:
When you loosen your hair while sleeping, your hair does not break while changing positions. You can also make a loose braid on the side and sleep.

Don't sleep with wet hair:
Wet hairs are more flexible, making them more likely to break. Sleeping in wet hair makes it a cushion to rub and break down. So dry the hair before bed.

Apply oil to the hair:
Your scalp produces oil which helps keep your hair healthy. But when your hair is long, the oil does not reach its ends. So, apply oil at the hair ends at night before going to bed. This keeps the hair healthy rather than falling.

Comb before bedtime:
Hair must be dry before bedtime. So comb the roots so that the natural oil can reach the hair. It prevents hair loss. And hairs are not even tangled.

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