Do this on solar eclipse

The last solar eclipse of the year will take place today. The solar eclipse will not be visible in India, which is why the suta period is not going to be valid. The eclipse is scheduled to be visible in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia and South America. Solar eclipse has a lot of religious and astrology importance. According to religious beliefs, the eclipse is considered as an ominous event. In the meantime, it is said that good deeds should also not be done. The temple cupboards are kept closed at the time of eclipse. Certain things are taken care of during solar eclipse.  So let's know what to do and what not to do between solar eclipses...

What to do during the eclipse:

1. It is necessary to purify yourself before the eclipse begins. It is good to take a bath etc. before the eclipse begins.
2. It is considered good to worship your favored God or goddess during the eclipse period.
3. Donating to the solar eclipse is considered very auspicious. Ganga water should be sprayed in the house after the eclipse is over.
4. Take a bath once again after the eclipse is over. It is said that such auspicious fruits are obtained.
5. Tulsi leaf should be added to food items during the eclipse period.

Keep these things in mind during the solar eclipse:

1. According to beliefs, food or water should not be consumed between the eclipses. It is said that doing so further weakens the digestive capacity of the person.  Due to which the person is more likely to get sick.
2. It is said that no new work or auspicious work should be done in the middle of the eclipse. Doing so leads to failure in that work.
3. Snoring nails between eclipses, combing hair and cleaning teeth are said to be inauspicious. They say that you should not even sleep at the time of eclipse.
4. It is said that knives or sharp things should not be used at the time of eclipse. It is said that by doing this, unlucky fruits are obtained.

Why is tulsi leaf added to food items during solar eclipse?

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