Take these measures on Dussehra from monetary gains to business gains

You must be aware that Ashwin Shukla Paksha's Dashami has a very special significance. In fact, this is the day on which Dussehra and Vijayadashi are celebrated. On this day, many people follow their different methods, as well as astrology measures and create their lives in danger. Now, today, we are going to tell you very simple measures for Dussehra.

For wealth and prosperity: Donate brooms to the temple in the evening of Dussehra while thinking Mother Lakshmi.

For job-trading: On Dussehra, worship the mother and offer 10 fruits and distribute it to the poor.

To get rid of court-government: Light a lamp under the Shami tree on Dussehra day.

For business: On Dussehra, wrap a coconut in 1.25 metres of yellow cloth and offer it to any nearby Ram temple with a pair of Janeu, and 250gm sweets.

For good health: To remove illness or distress, take a whole watery coconut and sprinkle it 21 times over you and put it in the fire of Ravana Dahan.

For economic benefits: Feed besan laddoos daily to the dog for 43 consecutive days from Dussehra day.

To get rid of the crisis: Arrange Sunderkand Katha on Dussehra.

For positive energy: On Dussehra, sprinkle a piece of alum from all the housemates and throw it in the roof or deserted place from your backwards, meditating IshtDev.

For auspiciousness: Make a secret donation after the burning of Ravan on Dussehra.

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