Do you also have a dream of becoming an 'umpire', so know these important things
Do you also have a dream of becoming an 'umpire', so know these important things

In today's time, young people are very upset about their careers, many people are very interested in cricket, some people want to pursue a career in umpires. We see umpires who play a key role in cricket matches on television, they have a great career of their own. But to become an ampyar, one has to pass an examination. Let's know...

State level and BCCI level examination
In fact, the first thing to do is pass the exam to become an ampyar. This exam is conducted at the state level. However, it is held sometimes in a long time. The applicant candidate should have at least passed graduation. It should have an understanding of the game and knowledge of the rules. There are a total of 42 rules that you cannot pass without knowing. Once a person clears a state level examination, he can later appear for the examination conducted by the BCCI.

Umpiring in Ranji for 5 years, then get further opportunities:-
After passing the most exams, umpiring has to be done in Ranji and other domestic matches. This gives you an opportunity to appear for the next round of exams if the performance is good. It is only after passing it that a person can umpire in IPL and other major tournaments. On the other hand, keep in mind that the division must be enrolled in the Cricket Association to appear for the state level examination as well. Some time ago, an exam was held in Madhya Pradesh in which 99 persons appeared and only 8 passed.

How much does the umpire get salary:-
Umpiring at different levels pays different salaries. According to reports, state panel umpires get a daily fee of Rs 3500. 17,500 for a 5-day Test match. At the international level, the fee reaches millions. It pays at two levels. The first is the entry level, while the second is the elite level. The elite level umpire is paid $3200 for a match, which is about Rs 2.50 lakh. On the other hand, entry level umpires are paid $1,000, which is about Rs. 75,000. However, salaries also depend to a large extent on tournaments and which country matches are taking place.

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