Do you also have frequent hair breaks so treat like this

Sometimes even a small thing can cause you a lot of trouble. Yes, you must have always seen that if the hair of the body is pulled and broken, there is a small pimple which later becomes much larger. This problem is known as "Boil". In such a situation, a lot of pain has to be suffered. Today, we are giving you some tips to get rid of hair break.

Add 1 teaspoon of flour to desi ghee and cook it in a fire and tie it to a hairbreak place while sleeping when it is pasted. Within two days, the hair break is cured. Add mustard oil to turmeric and heat it lightly and apply it on a hairbreak site. Rub the bark of the people with water and apply this paste on the hair break to get rid of the hair break in a few days. Initially, when the hair is broken, chewing 15 grains of wheat and applying the paste on the hair break area quickly heals the hair break. Or grinding neem leaves also relieves hair break.

Soak the cotton in the flour for 15 to 20 minutes and squeeze the cotton and tie it to the hairbreak site to cure the disease within 3 days. Remove the nail from the hair-breaking area by pressing it slightly. It does hurt a little but easily removes the nail. Then apply turmeric in that place. Soaking the ground henna and applying a thick paste instead of a hair break in the morning and at night cures the hair break quickly.




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