Do you have Shaligram in your Home? Rules of worship otherwise it will destroy your life

Shaligram enjoys massive significance in India. Shaligram is considered a form of Lord Vishnu. It has special importance in Sanatan Dharma. According to Shaivism, it is believed that from wherever Lord Mahadev passed, the pebbles that came under his feet took the form of Shaligram and therefore Shiva Bhakta considered it as Shaligram or Jagruti Mahadev.

According to the information, There are about 33 types of Shaligrams, out of which 24 types of Shaligrams are believed to be related to the 24 incarnations of Lord Shri Vishnu. It is said that in the house where there is Shaligram, the pain never resides there.  But there are some major rules one needs to follow related to Shaligram. If these rules are not followed, then it will result in Various problems

According to Garuda Purana and Skanda Purana, all Shaligram Shilas has great power to remove Vastu defects. Although some are most commonly used to remove Vastu defects. They are Matsya Shaligram, Narayan Shaligram, Gopal Shaligram, Sudarshan Shaligram, Surya Shaligram, and Vaman Shaligram Shila.  The large size of the Shaligram renowned as Janardan Shaligram, Narasimha Shaligram, Varaha Shaligram and Sudarshan Shaligram Shila are said to be the most powerful to remove the negativity of a particular area. It is believed that these rocks result in prosperity, security, and peace of mind.

Formation of Shaligram

These stones are found in the Gandaki river of Nepal. There is a chakra in these stones, which is called Shaligram. That circle is created by a worm. Which is found in the same river.

Following are major rules you need to follow to worship Shaligram

1. Keep your soul pure

2. Regular worship

3. There should be only one Shaligram

4. Panchamrit Isnan of Shaligram

5. Sandalwood and Tulsi should be kept near Shaligram 

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