Do you know the importance of Sharad Purnima?

Oct 21 2018 02:10 PM
Do you know the importance of Sharad Purnima?

Sharad Purnima is a very good date and many successful works has to be done on this day. In this way, this day is also celebrated as 'Kojagari Vrat'. It is said that this day is very auspicious and positive that big troubles are overcome with small measures. According to legendary beliefs, mother Lakshmi was born on this day and hence this date is considered as the best for acquiring wealth. It is said that on this day, different boards can be obtained from the worship of Lord Vishnu Krishna, Goddess of wealth, mother Lakshmi and Moon worship with sixteen arts.

Here is the importance of Sharad Purnima -

It is said that Sharad Purnima is a very important date, since the beginning of the autumn starts. With this, the Moon is full of 16th arts on this day. It is also said that on this day there is a rain of nectar from moon which gives wealth, love and health three.

It is also said that because of being full of love and art, Shri Krishna created the Maharaja on this day which was very magnificent. It is said that on this day special health, immense love and lots of money can be found, but experiments require some precautions and rules to follow. Let everyone know that this time Sharad Purnima is going to be celebrated on October 23.

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