Do you know the meaning of Lord Shiva's Rudra Akadesh name?

Jul 22 2019 10:45 PM
Do you know the meaning of Lord Shiva's  Rudra Akadesh name?

The month of Sawan is the month of Shiva and these days Shiva is worshipped. Today is a very special day for all devotees of Lord Shiva, which is Monday and according to the Hindu calendar, the first Monday (Monday) of today's most auspicious Sawan month. So, in the days of Sawan, we are going to tell you about some names of Bhagavan Shiva and what does this name mean..? You all know that Mahadev is called by many names, but Mahadev has some names whose remembrance only brings an end to all suffering. Lord Shiva is called Rudra, but do you know what Rudra means and why is Rudra the deity of the gods? Let us know....

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Rudra is said to mean Ruth . That is, the one who ends the sorrow. That is why Shiva is worshipped as a deity who destroys sorrow and in practical life one suffers sorrow only when the body, mind or karma are impure in one form or the other. Tell all of you that the worship of the Rudra form of Shiva is that it keeps the mind of the person pure and removes the actions and thoughts that create bad feelings in the mind and according to the scriptures Shiva is in eleven different Rudra forms. :Let's destroy the b. At the same time, this eleven forms are known as Ekdesh Rudra.

1. Shambhu says that this Rudra form is The Sakshat Brahm and in this form he is the one who created, reared and killed the world.

2. Pinaki is said to be the form of the four Vedas of Shakti, which is called Pinaki Rudra, who brings an end to sorrow.

3. Girish says: Being a Kailash resident, the third form of Rudra is called Girish. In this form, Rudra is considered to be a comfort and joy.

4. Stanuology : Tell all of you that Samadhi, Tapa and self-indulgence, the fourth incarnation of Rudra is called sthanum and in this form Parvati form Shakti is enthralled in the left.

5. Bharga - Tell all of you that this form of Lord Rudra is very eupclusific and in this way Rudra is the destroyer of every fear and suffering.

6. Bhava- The bhava- the bhava form of Rudra is considered to be a comforting force in the form of knowledge, yoga force and Bhagavad love.

7. Sadashiva - This form of Rudra is considered to be the corporeal form of the incorporeal Brahman, which is considered to give all splendor, happiness and joy.

8. Shiva - Tell all of you that this Rudra form is considered to be an endless happiness-giver. Shiva worship is considered important for attaining salvation.

9. Every form of serpent is said to be Rudra who takes away physical, mental and worldly sorrows. They are controlled by the nag-like period.

10. Sharva - Tell all of you that this Rudra form is called Sharva, which also controls kaal.

11. Kapali - This form of Rudra is called Kapali because of the company's cranial.

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