Do you know the secret of the third eye of Lord Shiva?

Jun 24 2019 11:53 AM
Do you know the secret of the third eye of Lord Shiva?

Bholenath is called by many names and one of them is Trilochan. This name means three-eyed ones, because only Bholenath is the only deity who has three eyes, so he is also called Trilochan. It is believed that God can know everything with his third eye, which cannot be seen with the common eye, but have you ever wondered why Lord Shiva has three eyes? If not, let us tell you the full story behind Shiva's third eye, that is, the third eye.

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Narrative: A matter of time when Parvati ji followed Lord Shiva, both his eyes closed with his palms. This led to darkness all over the world because it is believed that one eye of Lord Shiva is the Sun, the other moon. As darkness engulfed the whole world, Bholenath immediately took out fire from his forehead and spread the light all over the world. The light was so bright that it started burning the entire Himalayas. Seeing this, Parvati panicked and immediately removed her palms from Shiva's eyes. Then Shiv Ji smiled and closed his third eye. According to the Shiva Purana, Parvati ji did not have the knowledge earlier that Shiva was a trinity. Cupid used sinful attitude to entice and influence Lord Shiva.

After which Shiva saw his meditation broken and Shiva opened his third eye and burned the cupid with the divine fire that emerged from it. The truth is that this story is symbolic that the Cupid lives within every human being, but if man's conscience and wisdom are there? He can stop the excitement of unwanted work that is getting up within him and destroy it.

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