Do you know these advantages of Fig

Jan 05 2019 12:32 PM
Do you know these advantages of Fig

Fig is a delicious, healthy and versatile fruit. It consumes you as well as the ability to fight diseases also increase. If you have eaten now fig, then you will have many improvements in your health. Its ripe fruit is consumed and the dried fruit is used as a fruit. By mixing fine pieces of dried fruit and mixing it with milk, it is very beneficial to drink. In the same way, let us know, calcium and vitamin A and B are found in abundance in fig. It weakens the weakness and cures like cough and eliminates many other diseases besides this. Know Its Benefits

* Asthma gets relief from fig leaf in the disease. It is beneficial for people who take insulin. There is good amount of potassium in it. Where blood and sugar remain in the level control. 

* Put 5 figs in water and boly it and filter this water and warm it in the morning and evening. There is benefit in this cold. 

* Boil dry fig pieces and spinach almonds in hot water. Allow it to dry, add sugarcane, pc cardamom, saffron, chironji, pistachios and almonds in equal quantity and keep it in ghee for 7 days. Consume up to 20 gm daily in the morning. This will increase your strength. 

Diseases are caused by eating figs - 

1. Sir rate goes away. 

2. Puffing figs in the morning after eating empty stomach piles away. 

3. Take fig seeds, nuts, coriander in all the quantities and soak them in the water at night. Its juice yellow in the morning. This will solve the problems of your back pain. 

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