Do you know why the US vote counting process takes long time?
Do you know why the US vote counting process takes long time?

The United States of America and the World do not know the new president of US even after the successful closure of voting and vote counting started three days back. The final results from the presidential election, though the Democrat Joe Biden is on the brink of unseating Donald Trump, the wait has fueled tension across the nation, Trump alleges Democrats are engineering fraud without any solid evidence. 

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Under the US system each states conduct their own polls, marking the line Competitive states take longer, pushing the delay. "The closer the races, the longer it takes," explained Kathy Boockvar, secretary of the vital state of Pennsylvania. Because mere projections and the exact declaration are different. States also have multiple deadlines on receiving absentee ballots, particularly those coming from the military or other citizens living overseas. With concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, states usual to limited numbers of absentee votes have been drowned with ballots mailed by citizens who do not want to risk voting in person, opted to cast votes in advance. 

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The legal challenges also matters. The Trump campaign demanded a halt to counting in states where it is behind, notably Pennsylvania whose Republican Party approached the US Supreme Court and it pushed the delay. Exact figure of votes, the increased ballot voting, legal challenges by Trump is increasing the time to know the 2020 US Presidential election final result.

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