Do you need to make an important call when your phone is not getting network? Use Wifi Calling to talk
Do you need to make an important call when your phone is not getting network? Use Wifi Calling to talk

In recent years, incidents of smartphones catching fire or exploding during hot weather have been on the rise. This issue is not confined to a single brand but could potentially affect devices from all manufacturers. It is crucial for users to properly maintain their smartphones to prevent such incidents. Let's explore the reasons behind these dangers and what precautions should be taken.

Battery Swelling

One of the primary causes of smartphone fires is battery swelling. If you notice your smartphone's battery bulging or the back panel becoming distorted, it indicates a potential issue with the battery which could lead to it exploding. In such cases, it is advisable to seek immediate advice from a service center and replace the battery promptly.

Excessive Heat

If your phone consistently becomes excessively hot, it may indicate a problem either with the battery or other components of the phone. Overheating can lead to battery overheating or even a short circuit, increasing the risk of fire or explosion. In such instances, the phone should be taken to a service center without delay.

Charging in Hot Places

Always charge your phone in a room temperature environment. Charging a phone that is already warm in a hot environment can cause its battery to overheat. Never charge your phone near a freezer or in close proximity to a hot place. During charging, keep the phone in a cool and dry place.

Handling After Water Exposure

If your phone falls into water, avoid attempting to repair it yourself. Water exposure can cause short circuits or other internal problems that may lead to battery explosions. Always show the phone to a professional mechanic and have it repaired professionally. Smartphone safety during hot weather is crucial to prevent incidents of fires or explosions. By being aware of these potential dangers and taking proper precautions, users can ensure the safety and longevity of their devices. Always prioritize safety and seek professional help when in doubt about the condition of your smartphone.

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