Your lipstick doesn't last long, then follow these tips

Girls love their beautiful lips very much. She can't live without applying lipstick on her lips. Lipstick is what makes your lips perfect and beautiful. But no matter how expensive lipstick you buy, it goes away by the evening. In fact, some girls have the habit of putting their tongues on their lips, so their lipstick doesn't last long and fade away. But learn some tips for applying lipstick for a long time which is going to be of use to you too.

Lipstick will not leave soon

* Keep giving lipstick touch-up every 2 or 3 hours to last throughout the day. It will keep your look fresh. Buy long-lasting lipstick as it contains silicone.

* Apply balm well on lips before applying lipstick. Lips become soft by applying balm and lipstick lasts for a long time.

* Whenever you eat something, make your lips clean so that the colour of the food is removed from your lips and the lips look natural.

*  You can apply foundation before applying lipstick. This makes the lipstick last for a long time.

* Do not use lip gloss at all. This eliminates the long-lasting effect of your lipstick.

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