Doctors at Fortis hospital conducts largest 3D printed hip implant In a Tanzanian Patient

Gurugram: The Orthopaedics team at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, have successfully conducted the largest custom-made 3D printed hip implant in India on a 60-year-old Tanzanian patient. The team of doctors led by Dr. Subhash Jangid, Director and Unit Head, Bone and Joint Institute, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram performed this difficult and challenging surgery, which took around 7 hours.

The customized implant was required as the pelvic bone of Hanifa, the patient, had been badly damaged due to three previous hip surgeries.  These three failed hip replacement surgeries left very little bony support for the new readily available hip implants. The hip prosthesis was lying loose in the pelvis and the patient was not even able to sleep because of the pain due to constant irritation of the surrounding muscles around the implant. She was wheelchair-bound and barely able to go to washroom with the support of walker

Hanifa’sleg was short by 6 cm because of the damage to pelvic bone. Besides this, she was also drained of her finances. After securing the required financial assistance from the government, she sought the medical opinion of Dr Jangid and his team at Fortis Memorial Research Institute. After detailed examination and investigations, it was determined that there was a need for a custom-made 3D printed hip implant for her third-time revision of the hip prosthesis. It was the only hope for her to move again without any support and lead a normal life.

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