Young man made his stomach a piggy bank, swallowed 63 coins

A surprising case has come to light on Friday at Mathuradas Mathur Hospital in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In fact, here a young man had reached the hospital complaining of pain in the stomach. Here the doctors did an X-ray, and then some metal was seen in the stomach of the young man. After that, the doctors operated on the young man. While doing the operation, 63 coins came out from the stomach of the young man. The doctors were also surprised to see it. Let us tell you that the operation of this young man lasted for 1.5 hours in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital.

In fact, a 36-year-old youth resident of Chaupasni Housing Board of Jodhpur city suddenly started having pain in his stomach on Thursday. After that, the family took him to Mathuradas Mathur Hospital at around 4:00 pm on Thursday evening. At the same time, on Friday, when the doctor did an X-ray, he saw something in the stomach and inquired about the patient, then he told that the coin has gone out. On hearing all this, the doctors immediately operated. In the operation that lasted for about one and a half hours, about 63 coins were removed from the stomach.

It is being told that the President of MDM Hospital, Dr Vikas Rajpurohit told that this operation was done by endoscopy on behalf of the Gastroenterology Department. On the other hand, when re-examined, no coin of any kind was found. The young man did not tell how long he had been swallowing the coins. Apart from this, the doctor told that when the coins were removed from the stomach, there was a pile of coins once on the table. Most were one rupee coins.

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