Does the All India Muslim Personal Board Really Need Shariah?

Jul 12 2018 03:06 PM
Does the All India Muslim Personal Board Really Need Shariah?
In less than a day, a photo of three Muslim people got more than 7,000 shares and nearly 800 comments on the Facebook post. In this picture, a person can be seen holding a microphone. This happened because of the inflammatory title on the photo. It said that "If we can not be given the Sharia court then Muslims should be given a separate country: Muslim Personal Law Board."
In the picture, three members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) were identified as Maulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani, Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, and Maulana Umeran Mahfouz Rahmani. When investigating the Facebook post, it came out that such a sensational demand has not been made by the AIMPLB advocating Islamic law.   
It wast revealed that South-centric Facebook users put a title in the headlines for an old picture of three members of the board. This was done at a time when the AIMPLB announced its plans for expansion of Sharia courts. The board is going to make a crucial meeting on July 15 to create more Darul Qaza (Sharia courts) in the country.
Jilani said, "Since 1993, many Darul Qaza are working to solve the marital and religious disputes of Muslims in the country. These leaders lead some Kaji or Islamic judges. If there is no acceptable solution to all concerned parties in the dispute on behalf of Darul Qaza, then they can take it to the regular courts."
The AIMPLB secretary, Jilani, dismissed all such content on social media as "Fake News". Jilani said, "Indian Muslims had suffered a lot due to Partition (1947). We do not want to live anywhere else in India. We are committed to the Indian constitution." Clearly, the AIMPLB has not demanded a separate homeland for Muslims. There was nothing to do with any of the mainstream Islamic organizations.  
On Monday, the Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Sharia Court and Nab Mufti Naseer-ul-Islam was angry at the excuse of the Shari'a courts. Nasir-ul-Islam had said that if BJP has a problem with the Sharia courts in the country then we (Muslims) should be left alone.
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