Don’t miss these three caves if you are adventure loving

Sep 21 2018 06:57 PM
Don’t miss these three caves if you are adventure loving

It is fun as well as adventures to visit the old caves as these caves holds several stories within them. It is a very rare feeling to enter the dark caves and the sculptures which have never seen the rays of light. Apart from forts and temples, caves are perfect treat for the people who loves to travel to adventures spots. India is a perfect country for those who want to experience the caves. We bring you the caves which are amazing as well as adventures.


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Bhimbetka caves are about 30000 years old caves, located in Raisen in Madhya Pradesh are inside the Wildlife Century. You can witness the paintings of humans and animals on the walls of these caves which reflects the mark of old civilization.  


The caves present in Mahabalipuram are very old as well as adventurous and beautiful. Tourists comes from different corners of the world to visit these caves. These caves have been constructed by cutting the rocks. The carving on the walls of these caves makes them even more beautiful.


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Udayagiri caves present in Orissa Bhubaneswar is very old. These caves are made by cutting 33 mountains. These caves were built because of some religious reasons. According to the people here, Pandavas had spent some of their exile here here.


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