Donald Trump's dream come true

Jul 14 2018 08:31 AM
Donald Trump's dream come true

Finally the day came, when the President of USA got the opportunity to meet the Queen of England. July 13 marked the historical moment, when the 72 years old President, Donald Trump met Queen Elizabeth II on July 13. Well, till date Meghan Markle had been criticised for the various faux passes that she committed in the presence of the Queen, but now this time, there is an addition to the list of the faux passers. 

The US President, Donald Trump committed a mistake while walking in the Windsor Palace. Another mishap that occurred was that Donald forgot to bow his head before the Queen. Also, the Queen had to wait for 12 minutes to meet Donald Trump, since he was late.

The people in the Palace feel it was an extremely disrespectful behavior towards the Queen. They felt that Trump's mistakes were something that cannot be excused. 

Seems like Trump failed to put a good enough first impression in front of the Queen. 

The citizens of London have already been protesting against Trump and now that he has been that impolite in front of the Queen, this could probably be the last time that the Queen met him.

Sources also revealed that the Queen did not expect much of the politeness from Trump.

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