Keep these things in mind while withdrawing money from ATM

We all resort to ATM machine to withdraw money, because it saves time and does not have to go to the bank again and again. But it remains to be seen that ATM fraud has happened with such and such person and his millions of rupees disappeared from the bank account. The question now arises that what are the steps we should take while withdrawing money from ATMs so that we do not fall prey to fraud.

Do not withdraw money in the presence of another person
First of all, keep in mind that there is no other one in the ATM where you have gone to withdraw money. Do not withdraw money if there is someone other than you inside the ATM. Tell the other person to go out and if there is any doubt then come out of the ATM.

Do not give PIN and card to others
Many times it happens that many people give PIN and ATM card to their relatives to withdraw money. In such a situation, understand that you have given your entire bank account to your relative. Avoid this, because such incidents have come to light that your own people have withdrawn millions of rupees from the ATM and it has become nine to eleven.

Don't get dizzy
Often you will find some people near the ATM who are very smart in appearance and these people defraud you. Such people will talk to you in many ways and in the same matter, you will remove the complete details from your ATM card through the card reader and you will not even know.

Enter pin by hand cover
Whenever you put a PIN in the ATM to withdraw money, cover it by hand, whether or not there is someone around you. Many times your PIN is stolen with the help of hidden camera. Also, stand as close as possible to the ATM machine.

Must press the cancel button before leaving
After withdrawing money do not exit the ATM without pressing the cancel button under any circumstances. Do not exit the ATM until you enter Welcome on the screen and the lights in the ATM card slot are not lit again and again.

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