Don't forget to eat these things right from corona infections.

Many people around the world have been affected by corona infection, and if you are on the same list, this news is for you. Yes, there are many people in the world who have recovered from the infection of corona virus (COVID-19), but they don't know what to eat and what they should not eat now. Tell you that after recovery, the mouth does not taste good for a long time, weakness persists, there is no appetite, etc. According to one research, some people still have symptoms 10 days after recovery, while others have symptoms for 68 days. According to the information revealed, the symptoms that appear even after the report is negative are classified as long covid symptoms. The infection may have gone away, but it takes time for the body to get into the same position as before. If you have recovered from corona, avoid eating these foods that we are going to tell you about today.

* Even after recovery from corona, home made food should be given importance for a few months and outdoor food should be avoided completely. The list includes cookies, cakes, chocolates, carbonated drinks, processed fruit juices and other sweet drinks. All of them are rich in sugar and some companies also use artificial sweeteners in their products, which are extremely harmful to the body. So avoid consuming them as well.

* Avoid processed food at the same time. These are those which are processed mechanically and chemically to keep and which come in cans or packets in the market. Due to busy times today, people often buy and use processed food from the market. You must have all noticed that meat, peas, corn and other foods are sold in the box after chemical processing, so that they can be used for longer periods of time. Also avoid consuming frozen or processed meat, sausage sesame or any other frozen food.
* Avoid consuming trans fat products made in factories. In fact, it includes dalda, frozen pizza, fried food, pie, cookies, etc., so avoid consuming such foods.

* Eating at home does not mean making pudis, parathas, bhatures, samosas at home, which actually means eating at home, that food that is fresh and easy to digest.

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