Amy Lee is worried because of the lockdown
Amy Lee is worried because of the lockdown

Amy Lee the lead singer and co-founder of the famous American rock band Evans, is concerned about the uncertain future between the lockdowns. Lee said in a special interview to the media, "It worries me. It's so weird that we don't know when we will be able to see our friends again or work. My 5-year-old It is difficult to convince the child when he will be able to go back to school. I am reminiscing about my childhood. "

In this regard, Lee feels that music is "therapeutic" and is necessary during the ongoing health crisis. He said, "To me personally making music is like a therapy, because I love music very much. I really need music a lot at the moment. It doesn't make me feel lonely. Likewise new for fans Making music makes me very happy. "

In fact, many projects have been stopped due to global lockdown. Evansense has kept the promise of launching its upcoming albums 'Bitter Truth' and 'Wasted on You' this year. A video clip shows every member of Evans in isolation in their homes.

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