Don’t let the 'social media' affect your relationship
Don’t let the 'social media' affect your relationship

The world has become an addict of social media. Kids, adults and even elder ones are so indulged with social media that they interact more in the virtual world than in real world. Time is so changed that two persons under the same roof use to communicate through messages rather than talking face-to-face. Relationships are highly impacted by the entering of social media in our life. Friends gather to meet after a long time but soon find themselves busy in taking pictures and posting and tagging each other on social media. This behaviour needs to get change. Our little attention to relationships could make it happen:

Keep the data off: Whenever you are with your partner or friends, don't forget to off the data. This way you'll not receive notifications and you will not get disturbed. You can post on social media afterwards the meeting. 

Set a limit: Set a limit to your social media surfing especially for the night time. Social media is a thing people can scroll for hours doing nothing. So better set a limit after which you will not allow yourself to check any social media update.

Acknowledge someone's presence: If someone around you,waiting to talk to you, don't let him feel ignored. Your smartphone can wait but that person will not. So acknowledge the person if he took time out of his busy schedule to meet you. 

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