Don't take data on mobile, you can't run it without internet WhatsApp

One of the world's most famous chatting apps, WhatsApp has released a number of new features in the past month that have been welcomed with joy by all users. Recently, WhatsApp has released a new feature so that you can still run WhatsApp on your secondary device, meaning your laptop, computer, etc. if your mobile doesn't have internet.

WhatsApp has released a new feature of multi-device support on its beta version some time ago so that Android and iOS users can use WhatsApp on their laptops etc. even without internet on mobile. This feature allows users to open and chat together on four devices together and do not necessarily have internet connectivity to your mobile.

Let me tell you that this feature was released in July after a very long testing. This feature allows you to log in to and send messages to platforms or devices such as your laptop, desktop, Mac or Facebook portal. WhatsApp also has its end-to-end encryption feature on the secondary device so that your message can't be read or viewed by WhatsApp or a third party.

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