Don't waste,make it best-amazing dishes from leftovers food !
Don't waste,make it best-amazing dishes from leftovers food !

Thinking of throwing away the chapati's or dal or rice of yesterday?  Stop right there. Because we've got some really good use of these leftovers.

Chapati upma : make small pieces of chapati. Chop garlic, onions, tomato, capsicums and green chillies. Add oil, mustard seeds and jeera in a pan. Then add green chillies,tomato and onion and let it cook till the onion turns light brown. Add capsicum and the pieces of chapati and cook it on a low flame. Add salt accordingly. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Fried rice : the best and quick use of the leftover rice is fried rice. Just heat the oil pan. Add onion, chillies and peas and cook it fir some time. Add rice. Add on turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and mix it well. And your fried rice is ready. Serve it hot!

Vegetable cutlet : Simply add cheese and and bread crumbs to the dry vegetable and fry it in the pan. Enjoy the hot and cheesy cutlets.

Shahi bread : Firstly cook the bread pieces in oil for some time. Then prepare a sugar syrup. Add the pieces of bread in the sugar syrup and serve hot! 

Daal Paratha : Don't throw the leftover daal. Instead use it to make parathas. Add the daal in Gram flour and add salt if needed.Spread the batter on the pan and flip it over and over till it cooks well. 

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