Dr. Jawahar Suri Setty did this work to get the children back to school.
Dr. Jawahar Suri Setty did this work to get the children back to school.

An inspirational Hindi song "Back to School" based on the collapse of the children affected by the Covid struggle of the last two years and the breakdown of the school system has also been dedicated to the children of the country on June 18 by renowned psychologist Dr. Jawahar Surisetty. It has been broadcast on all music channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Song, Jio Saavn, etc. at 11 am.

Dr. Jawahar said that he gets around 300 calls every day in the last few years on the subject of what will happen to the future and education of the children. In this desperate and improved condition of the parents, schools are reopening, but last year it was seen that the parents were afraid to send them to the school. Keeping in view this situation and the adverse impact that children are not going to school is having on their education and future, many researches show. What is needed at this time is faith, motivation and the exercise to bring the children back to school in an easy way. On the availability of the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi and with the aim of inspiring our future generation, Dr. Jawahar has written this song which has been decorated with the saj and the sound.

In this song, mentioning friends, friendship, teacher, fun, studies, sports, bus, tiffin, etc., in the school, the challenge of coming back to school has also been made. In which there is also a feeling of being deprived of that experience by remembering the day of school. Dedicating this song to the nation, Dr. Jawahar has said that his old song "India Hoon Main, Naz Hai" has achieved the kind of immense success, this song also hoped to get a good response due to its social concern and also gave a message to the schools that make the studies so interesting that the children should be eager to come  to school on their own by removing the fear.

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