Dr. Shagun Gupta conferred with Pharma Power Brand Awards 2021, Dr. Mukesh Batra felicitates

"The key is not the will to win, everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win and that is important." - Dr Shagun Gupta, Permanent Make-up Expert Every successful woman has set a pillar in the society with her hard work and success and Dr Shagun Gupta is no new name in the field of permanent make-up technique.

She is one such woman entrepreneur from India who has achieved a benchmark in the permanent make-up industry. Her permanent make-up work has been recognised on a global level. Only because of her hard work and dedication, Dr Shagun Gupta has recently been conferred with the prestigious “Pharma leader's power brand Awards 2021”. Well known personality and founder of Dr. Batra's group of companies, Dr Mukesh Batra awarded Shagun Gupta with the prestigious award. The felicitation ceremony took place in Mumbai along with the presence of eminent personalities from business, corporate and entertainment industry.

Speaking on her phenomenal achievement, Dr Shagun Gupta thanked Dr Mukesh Batra and said, "My journey started from a very young age and defying all the odds, I have reached to the stage where I am today. I did nothing, but followed my dream, worked hard day in and day out, and stayed honest with myself and my clients. Even today, the most important thing for me is the well-being and satisfaction of my clients. That is what inspires me." Expressing her excitement to receive the award, Dr. Shagun Gupta further adds "The award which I received is related to the field of permanent make up, micro pigmentation, hyaluron pen, medical and cosmetic pigmentation and this achievement is only because of my hard work, studies and knowledge in this respective field.”

According to her, such award functions give everyone the opportunity to share knowledge and their work. She says that such functions definitely provide a platform for sharing, learning and giving knowledge to all. Giving a special message to all the women who love grooming with makeup, Dr Shagun Gupta says “This is not just a superficial make up thing, but also a deep intense study which has medical and physical expects and a lot more other important things. People in India have not gained the knowledge about the concept of Permanent Make-up and it's technique yet, but the future of permanent Make-up industry is in India in the coming years.”

Talking about her permanent business, Dr Shagun Gupta has already introduced different methods using the latest digital machines for permanent make-up. Shagun Gupta and her flagship label 'SHAGUN GUPTA' has several goals to take India’s beauty world to the next level by introducing new techniques, using the latest digital machines, swiss pigments and crafted tools in makeup application, eyebrow shaping and design, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting and tinting, eyebrow extensions, eyebrow lamination, BB glow, CC Glow, fibroblast plasma pen, chemical peels, micro-needling, cosmetic tattoo removal and icy lips and etc - for which Indians pay bundles in foreign countries.

Dr. Shagun Gupta represents India as a diplomat and fellow member of the American Association of Micro-pigmentation. She is also the Indian President of The Federation of Korean Beauty association. Besides, she is the Indian partner for ‘Nouveau Contour’, a European premiere brand and world leader in masters in micro-pigmentation in the world. Currently, Dr. Shagun Gupta is also doing her indepth study and research in the field of Anti - Aging and Ayurveda treatment. “The permanent make-up industry is a booming market nowadays and it's only growing bigger and bigger day by day. While popular in the U.S. and Europe, Permanent makeup has gained prominence in India only in the past few years or so. To all the people following their dreams, I want to say, just keep working hard, stay true and grounded and the results will definitely follow."  She concludes 

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