Dr. Su, a brand that has already earned quite a name for itself in the global market, is now making waves across India with its recently launched product Glow x Grow. In a very short period following its pre-launch, Glow x Grow has managed to attract a huge amount of attention. It has taken months and months of devotion and determination in the making and is now breaking all the records.

“Magic Drink” which has already become a household phenomenon for many, is the simplified version of the master recipe, which today is called “Glow x Grow”. Magic drink that has just 10 ingredients from the original recipe has helped thousands fight their skin and hair issues, and Glow x Grow is the bigger, better and more potent version of the blend.

1 sachet, 5 essential nutrients, 38 ingredients, and 111 proven benefits are what make up this blend a powerhouse. Glow x Grow comes in sachets that are also lightweight and compact, allowing them to be carried anywhere and at any time, resulting in an extremely convenient product. All the ingredients are hand-picked by farmers to ensure quality and at the same time uplift the farmer's community which is at the core of DR. SU GLOW x GROW. 

Glow x Grow is the purest form of nutrition. The formula of this product is highly potent and proven to help the most common skin and hair problems. Some of the ingredients which caught our eye are:

-Ashwagandha deals with free radicals and soothes the skin. Also makes the skin brighter

-Amla helps in skin firmness and makes it soft and supple

-Moringa helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

-Strawberries help to eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse the skin.

-Celery helps to treat acne.

-Blueberries help the skin to rejuvenate and maintain skin health

The 38 ingredients are sourced from their origin, to bring the best quality. These undergo a natural process to maximize nutrition and are finally crafted into a powerful & yummy blend. The brand says product quality is non-negotiable and never a compromise.

So far, Glow x Grow had a great kickstart and the community seems to love the brand story, the quality of the product, and most importantly how this product fits their requirements. It is truly a brand made out of need.

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