You may never have heard of the fact related to Draupadi's birth!

Aug 13 2019 09:00 PM
You may never have heard of the fact related to Draupadi's birth!

All of you may have heard many stories and stories about Draupadi. You must know that Draupadi was one of the main characters of the Mahabharata and most people call Draupadi as Panchali. The secret behind being the five-year-end is that she is the wife of five Pandavas. Draupadi, on the other hand, had always called Lord Krishna in times of trouble and was supported by God.

You may remember or read, according to the legends of the Mahabharata, Draupadi was the daughter of King Drupad, but does anyone know that she was born from Havan Kund, not from the mother's womb? Yes, if you are not aware of this, let us tell you today the essence of this...

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Katha: King Drupad wanted to have a son who could kill Guru Dronacharya of the Kauravas and Pandavas. King Drupad organized Divya Hawan at the behest of two Brahmin brothers Yaz and Upayaz, the wise man and the ascetic. During this Hawan, King Drupad received both son and daughter, named Dhrudyaman and Draupadi. Yes, it is true that Draupadi was born from Havan Kund and not from the mother's womb. In the legend of the Purana, it is mentioned that Draupadi was the daughter of a Brahmin in her pre-birth. Her husband died and had to face legalities.

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Draupadi served the Brahmins and the sadhus in great care. With the grace of the sadhus, she fasted the Sthali dan. This fast gave her the blessing that she would be like Goddess Lakshmi. As a widow in her early life, Draupadi began to do Mahadev's worship on the advice of the Rishis. Lord Shiva was pleased with Draupadi's penance and gave a vision and asked for a blessing. Draupadi asked for a husband as a blessing that it was not easy to find merit in a single man. With this blessing, Draupadi became the wife of five husbands.

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