How to Dress for an Interview: Job-interview outfit do's and don'ts

Aug 08 2019 10:08 PM
How to Dress for an Interview: Job-interview outfit do's and don'ts

You face interviews to get a job. 15 to 20 minutes can either create or distort your impressions. During this time, you need to keep in mind how to keep your look perfect so that your impression is perfect. If this happens to you, let's tell you some tips.

* Choice of job-by-job clothing:
One can wear clothes during campus placements, as interviewers know how students wear clothes during college life. So don't wear artificial clothes. Usually wear formal clothes during interviews for government jobs.

* Correct choice of color:
Blue, especially the Navy Blue, is considered the best for interviews. In addition, a darker color is a symbol of authority that can create a good image of you in front of an interviewer. Gray worn in the interview is considered to be the second most popular color. It gives a powerful look.

* Choice of shirt:
If you find it comfortable wearing a half-arm shirt, wear the same, but don't bend it after wearing a full-arm shirt. This leaves poor impressions.

* According to personality:
You should select clothing according to your look and appearance. If your color is darker, you can avoid a white dress, but you can adopt a white shade. This will make you graceful. Women will wear sarees and there will be good impressions.

* Combination of clothing and accessories:
Accessories must have the right combination. If your belt is black, the shoes and socks should be of the same color. If possible, keep the same color as the clock.ft. Avoid wearing bands in the ring or wrist in the fingers.

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