Drink this detox water daily to stay healthy

Dec 06 2018 01:03 PM
Drink this detox water daily to stay healthy

It is very important to be clean from inside to keep the body healthy. Detoxing the body means that the toxins present inside the body have to be taken out. Today, we are going to tell you about some detox water that will be consumed by the toxic elements present in your body. By taking detox water your digestive system will be strong and the liver will also be healthy. 

1- Detox water made from pineapple helps in reducing excess fat on the body. To make it, cut pineapple and lemon into small pieces.Now put it in a jar and put water and ice pieces of mint leaves in it. Now keep it for 4 hours to cool in the fridge. Take it later. 

2- Plenty of nutrients are present in strawberries and kiwi. Drinking adequate nutrients of strawberry and kiwi gives  nutrients to the body in sufficient quantity. It helps to remove the toxic elements from our body. Cut strawberry and kiwi into fine pieces to make it.Now put it in water and put peppermint leaves and ice cubes into it. Eat it after 6 hours. By consuming it your body will be healthy inside and your digestive system will also be cured.

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