Drink too little water? 6 signs of dehydration

Apr 24 2019 05:10 PM
Drink too little water? 6 signs of dehydration

How to recognize dehydration? The sooner you realize that you suffer from a lack of fluid, the less damage it will bring. So, the most common signs of dehydration are:


This is the main symptom of dehydration. Thus, the body signals that it urgently needs a portion of the fluid to restore normal life. You should not wait for the moment when there is a feeling of thirst, you need to constantly drink a little during the day. Water, unsweetened teas, and (in moderate quantities) apple juice with mineral water are good sources of fluids.

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If the body does not receive enough fluid, he tries his best to report this. If you suddenly have a headache, do not rush to take analgesics, first start to slowly drink a glass of water. In many cases, the discomfort in the head disappears after that. 
The fact is that due to lack of fluid the blood thickens, it is more difficult for it to transport oxygen to the brain, therefore, pain in the head during dehydration is inevitable.

Loss of concentration

About three-quarters of our brain is water. It is not surprising that when there is a shortage of fluid, we cannot concentrate. Often the companions of this state are nervousness, absent-mindedness, and high fatigue. Many also complain of dizziness. Regular consumption of water, a handful of nuts, a banana or a piece of glucose will help the body to return to normal.

Dark urine

Rare urination and dark urine may also indicate dehydration. Due to lack of fluid, urine is not diluted but remains concentrated - hence the unusual shade.

Dry skin and lips

Dry air or unsuitable care products are not always the cause of itchy and flaky skin. If the body does not have enough water, it is immediately displayed on the skin condition. After all, it primarily supplies the organs that need fluid much more. Therefore, chapped lips - not uncommon with dehydration.


But not only the skin suffers from moisture loss. Dehydration also has a negative effect on digestion. In this case, the stool volume decreases, and the stool becomes hard. As a result, the body is more difficult to withdraw. Water and fiber will bring intestines in order. Thanks to the fluid, the ballast substances will swell and soften the stool, thereby speeding up the digestion process.

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How to avoid dehydration and drink enough water? Experts from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture recommend drinking a large glass of water before each meal, and always keep a bottle of mineral water in a prominent place so as not to forget about the liquid throughout the day.

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