Drinking too much water can give you death, know the symptoms of overhydration.

People often drink less water in the cold but water is very important to keep themselves healthy on cold days. We all know that water is very essential for the body, although water should always be in limited quantities. Sometimes people drink too much water and excess water in the body can lead to a variety of diseases. Now today we are going to tell you about the disadvantages of drinking more water.

Drinking too much water can lead to overhydration, so first of all know its symptoms - Overhydration symptoms
feel tired
to feel giddy
Nausea problem
feel lethargic all the time
Muscle vibrations
Muscle cramps
loose motion
Hyperpirexia i.e. high fever
Anhydrosis means non-sweating

Not only that, if overhydration is not treated, these symptoms can cause fainting, seizures, comas, or death by mild confusion.

Disadvantages of drinking too much water-

Risk of hyponetremia Drinking too much water can lead to hyponetremia. This occurs when the amount of sodium in the blood is abnormally reduced. This can be caused by overhydration i.e. drinking too much water.

Inflammation problems Drinking too much water can also lead to inflammation. When the level of sodium in the body decreases, water starts entering the cells. This leads to excessive water content inside the cells, which can cause inflammation of the cells.

Problem of diarrhoea Drinking too much water can lead to problems like diarrhoea. G is actually one of the early symptoms of diarrhoea water intoxification.

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