Drinks to get good sleep

Oct 12 2020 12:06 AM
Drinks to get good sleep

Going to bed and wanting a good sleep is the need for everyone. But often mind running through millions of thoughts makes it hard. Here we give you a list of drinks that helps you to get staple in bed-time.

-Turmeric, anti-inflammatory in the house is a powerful digestive aid and enables to rest well. It lowers the blood sugar levels, hence promoting longer, deeper sleep. A turmeric milk made with creamy milk or coconut milk is rich in healthy fats nourishes the brain and contribute to the soothing sensation.

-Teas can help to get good sleep. Chamomile tea is been praised for its soothing and sleep-stimulating powers. The apigenin in this tea is good for soothing sleep. This antioxidant binds to the receptors in your brain that decrease the anxiety and initiate sleep.

-Hot chocolates the sugar overload often ends up having the opposite effect. It gives you the health benefits of lowered blood sugar, healthy and slow-burning fatty acids, and alleviating any mental stress that prevents sleeping. This simple, Stress-Reducing Hot Chocolate is packed with all the good stuff.

-Melatonin and serotonin are so important for deep, restful sleep, and without them, our nights become erratic and disturbed. A calm nervous systems achieved by having foods that are naturally-rich, such as slow-burning bananas, which are also rich in potassium. With the added muscle-relaxing properties of oats and almonds, this Sleep Promoting Evening Milkshake is the perfect smoothie to flat you in sleep.

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