Driver suddenly suffers epilepsy attack on moving bus, messiah-turned-housewife saves life

Pune: Several incidents are reported from across the country. Meanwhile, an incident came to light from Pune in Maharashtra in which the driver of a speeding minibus in Pune suddenly suffered an epilepsy attack. After which the bus went out of control and started running around. At that time, no one understood what to do. Everyone had a streak of trouble on their foreheads. Everyone on the bus was breathless at the thought of what would happen to the bus running at a speed. Meanwhile, the 42-year-old woman who came across as God immediately took over the steering. She had not only ensured the safety of the terrified people but also rush the bus driver to the hospital on time for treatment, who suddenly fainted due to an epilepsy attack.

The same woman has been identified as Yogita Satava. Yogita, a mother of two schoolchildren, ran a bus for about 25 km on potholed roads in the face of this challenging situation and saved 24 lives with her wisdom. With Yogita's help, not only did all the 24 people reach home safely, but the driver was also treated on time, saving his life. The case dates down to January 7 when 20 people from Wagholi went to Morchi Chincholi for a picnic. After spending the day at the picnic spot, the passengers started their return journey at around 5 pm. Due to this, after walking some distance, the bus driver suddenly complained of restlessness.

At the same time, Yogita said, 'The driver said he was feeling dizzy and could not see anything. He was not even able to run properly. Everyone on the bus screamed loudly. Some women were also crying. I was sitting right behind the driver. I went to him and asked what had happened. He barely could tell me that he was not feeling well. I told him again that if he was having trouble driving the bus, I would run.' Yogita is being praised everywhere for how she saved the lives of the driver and the rest of the passengers.

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