Peddlers using Delivery apps to supply Drugs in Bengaluru

Sep 08 2020 04:13 PM
Peddlers using Delivery apps to supply Drugs in Bengaluru

The Bengaluru Cops on Monday caught several drug smugglers in the city and with them, they found two delivery persons, Aziz Niyaz, a Rapido driver and Guru Prasad, a Dunzo delivery person. The cops of Halasuru, who arrested the two men said that they took Rs 500 each from the drug peddlers to supply synthetic drugs to its customer. 

Sources from the Anti-Narcotics Wing of the Central Crime Branch says that drug suppliers are using delivery apps and other similar mobile apps to hire agents. Police said that the number of such delivery boys involved in the drug exchange has hiked in Bengaluru over the span of the last five months and were particularly high during the lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19.  

According to CCB sources "The delivery boy would not even know that they are supplying drugs as it is placed inside shoes, which are put inside a box and wrapped up in cloth bags. Not just the product, there are many ways of covering drugs. Many dealers use food carriers to cover synthetic drug where some boxes have food and one of the boxes in the carrier will have the drugs. Since the smell from the box will be like freshly cooked meals, the delivery persons don’t suspect it as drugs. However, As per police especially during the lockdown, many delivery agents started making the deals with drug peddlers. The Bengaluru police started busting drug peddlers in the city after several celebrities were dragged into the drug case".

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