Drug Abuse & Addiction: What You Need to Know About Drugs

Aug 15 2019 08:28 PM
Drug Abuse & Addiction: What You Need to Know About Drugs

Drug abuse has become a fashion today, but there are some drugs that can even kill you. In many countries, these stolen drugs are still used. The use of these drugs over-the-top can soon cause death to fall asleep. So let's know about these drugs.

Heroin is called the queen of drugs. The man by taking it once is so very happy.  But later it causes a lot of damage to the body. It affects the ability of sex. It also increases the risk of infertility in women.

cocaine an intoxicating drug
It's a very dear party drug of dangerous and intoxicating people. Its chemicals directly affect the brain, reducing your ability to remember. As soon as this drug is taken, the structure of the human brain begins to change.

People enjoy it a lot by consuming ganja. However, taking it for a long time can cause depression and lung disease.

It is a powerful psychedelic drug. In India too, its trend is growing steadily. It is so dangerous that it lasts for about 12 hours. It affects your mind.

Every third human being in the world is addicted to alcohol. This drug is the most dangerous as compared to other drugs. It gradually causes direct damage to your kidneys and liver.

Tobacco is an intoxication that is more dangerous than ganja. It doesn't get rid of addiction. It directly damages your lungs. It is a life-threatening intoxication and most people in India suffer from this addiction.

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