Drummer VISHAL MEHTA released his all new sound second album - “ONLY YOU”
Drummer VISHAL MEHTA released his all new sound second album - “ONLY YOU”

Drummer Vishal Mehta after ALONE  his first album, came up with “new sound” second album “ONLY YOU”. 
Released on Feb 28th 2021. 

Q1 Was it a conscious decision. 

A. It wasn’t  a conscious decision to make the album just because it was pandemic during the time when I was making this album, but it was completely a musical decision as I was really ready with almost 10-12 songs already with me. Just had to sort the structure of the songs with some new sounds for the release of my album. 

Q2. You said it’s a New Sound, what was it all about. 

A. I had my this music which was completely different from my previous album alone where I had all the music played by the live musicians, so to call organic and has  very urban feel to it in the context of vocals. Saying about the album “Only You” I tried something new like blending of produced sounds with live or you can say more sort of digitize plus very less of using guitars which was a conscious decision of mine. Then I have used two drums and other layers of drums, actually played by me and my friend and teacher, Peter Szendofi who is from Hungary, Budhapest. Then I have sort of guitars, keys  all produced sounds. Even if you listen to vocals, sounds very digitize and produced but is actually sung. She is Nilanjana from Calcutta. I mean, the concept of me saying new sound is all about experimenting produced sounds with the instruments organically and the tone and colour of it. (Once you hear it, you will get it) 

Q3. What is this album all about. 

A. The is all about the journey of a person who has lost the love of his/her life and the songs are actually inspired and moved then with the situation.

Q4. How many songs are there in the album “Only You” and if you can say something about the songs ? 

A. There are 5 songs in an EP. The songs are Dil, Tere Sath Chalun Main, Tera Dil Sahara, Safar and Teri Yaadon Mein. 

So “Dil” is all about like when two people have met and kind of liked each other. “Tera Sath Chalun Main” all have started liking each other and decided to move together in a relationship. Then I have “Tera Dil Sahara”, means they have now something more than liking each other and wanted to be with each other, sort of that phase where you feel dependent in love. “Safar” where somehow because he/she lost the person and he/she in now on the journey where he remembers thing he/she had shared, when they were together. Last “Teri Yaadon Mein” is all about the person who had completely lost in her/his remembrance and doesn’t want to move further and just want to get lost in her/his beautiful memories. 

Q5. Who all have had played in the album. Plus who composed, arranged and wrote the lyrics because it’s so beautiful. 

Drums - Vishal & Peter Szendofi 
Vocals - Nilanjana 
Guitar - Pranav Pahwa 
Bass - Ashok Roy , Nilanjana 
Keys - Vishal & Ashok Roy 
Producer - Ashok Roy 
Co - Producer - Vishal Mehta 
Composer, Arranger & Lyrics - Vishal Mehta 
Mixed & Mastered - Peter Szendofi

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