Benefits of dry gooseberry are not only for hair and eyes but also for health

Gooseberry is considered to be the most beneficial and in Ayurveda, it is called Amritphal. In fact, it is the best source of vitamin C. It is said that about 900 mg of vitamin C or ascorbic acid is found in 100 grams of gooseberry. The things that contain vitamin C, when those things of food are heated, their properties are lost. However, the special thing about gooseberry is that even after heating or drying, the amount of vitamin C in it remains intact.

If kept dry, gooseberry can be preserved for a long time. The element called chromium found in gooseberry is very beneficial for diabetes. At the same time, its consumption also supplies vitamin C and other nutrients to the body. In fact, dry gooseberry is very beneficial for our health and skin as well as hair. According to the report of a famous website, dry gooseberry can also be used to remove many more health-related problems. Today we are going to tell you about that.

Immunity Booster- Gooseberry is rich in vitamin-C, A and phytonutrients as well as anti-oxidants. Not only this, but even when it dries, all these qualities remain in gooseberry. Yes, and all these elements are helpful in strengthening the immunity of the body.

In the problem of vomiting during pregnancy- Sucking dry gooseberry in the mouth provides a lot of relief in problems like frequent vomiting and nausea during pregnancy. And pregnant women should use dry gooseberry especially.

Dry gooseberry in stomach pain- Dried gooseberry is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which reduce toxins in the stomach. Such gooseberry also proves to be effective in stomach pain.

Consumption of gooseberry in mouth odour- The anti-inflammatory properties present in gooseberry prevents the bacteria that cause a bad smell in the mouth from flourishing. And you can eat it slowly while chewing it.

Best for eyes- Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and A, which are essential to increase the light of our eyes and keep them healthy.

Acidity- Dry gooseberry is very beneficial in this too.

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