DSP Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq Arrested on Charges of Terror Links and Corruption in Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar: A shocking development has unfolded in Jammu and Kashmir, as Deputy Superintendent Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq of the Jammu and Kashmir Police stands arrested for alleged connections with a terror operative. The officer is accused of facilitating the escape of a terror operative from law enforcement and orchestrating a scheme to falsely implicate a fellow police officer who was actively investigating the case. Aadil Mushtaq, now facing multiple charges, including corruption, was presented before a magistrate in Srinagar, who ordered him into police custody for a six-day period.

Sources reveal that an analysis of phone records belonging to a terror suspect, apprehended in July, unveiled a troubling pattern of communication between Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq and the said suspect. Allegedly, Aadil Mushtaq provided guidance on evading arrest and obtaining legal assistance through these communications.A senior police officer disclosed that Aadil Mushtaq and the accused maintained contact through the Telegram app, exchanging conversations and calls. "There are at least 40 calls between the terror accused and the Deputy Superintendent. He was guiding him how to evade arrest and get legal aid," stated an officer supervising the investigation. He further emphasized that the case against the officer is built on robust technical evidence and a clear money trail. "There are clinching evidences on how he was helping the terror accused. Aadil even tried to implicate a police officer who was investigating the case of terror funding," added the officer.

It has emerged that Aadil Mushtaq, in his alleged involvement, accepted ₹5 lakh from the terror suspect. He also had close ties with Muzamil Zahoor, who, using forged documents, established a bank account in Sopore to manage Lashkar-e-Taiba's finances, according to an officer. "Merely four days before Muzamil Zahoor was apprehended in July, he lodged complaints against a police officer investigating the terror funding case. Investigations have found that all complaints were drafted by the Deputy Superintendent," explained the officer.

In February, the Srinagar police detained three Lashkar operatives, seizing ₹31 lakh in cash from them. These arrests led to the pursuit of Muzamil Zahoor, who, with Aadil Mushtaq's alleged assistance, evaded the law. Sources have indicated that more individuals have come forward with complaints against the arrested officer. "There are also complaints of extortion and blackmail against him. All such complaints are being investigated," the officer confirmed.

This marks the second instance in the past three years where a high-ranking officer has faced arrest for alleged links with terrorists. In 2020, Deputy Superintendent Davinder Singh was arrested for allegedly harboring and transporting two Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists to Delhi. Singh, who faces terror charges, is currently incarcerated. Ironically, Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq had been a prominent figure within the Jammu and Kashmir Police for several years. However, sources suggest that under the guise of public service and patriotism, he may have operated an extortion racket. "In the past, he was accused of extortion and blackmail, but he managed to get away with it," noted one officer.

During his tenure as Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) at Gurez along the Line of Control (LOC), Aadil faces allegations of aiding a thief who stole a flock of 200 sheep. Following testimonies from two policemen, including the investigating officer in the theft case, Aadil is now also confronted with contempt of court charges. A five-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted to probe the case involving Aadil Mushtaq, as per police reports.

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