Dubai: The Most Innovative Place To Visit, Come across amazing things

The United Arab Emirates is one of the few countries in the world that offers travellers innovative locations to visit. Apart from possessing the world's largest mall, The Dubai Mall, the UAE government is always working to build new initiatives in order to maintain its position as the world's most favoured destination.

Why Dubai?

Dubai, one of the seven Emirates (United Arab Emirates) nations, offers a vibrant and exciting lifestyle. Life is active at all times of the day and night. Dubai not only has a varied population, but it also showcases the style, cuisine, and culture of many ethnic groups. Although many people believe that a trip to Dubai is expensive, this is not always the case; nonetheless, the money invested is well worth the experience one may have there.


Dubai is known for hosting some of the eminent skyscrapers in the world. To mention a few, The Burj Khalifa, a famous work of modern architecture that rises to a height of 830 metres, is one of the world's tallest buildings. It enhances the country's status by attracting tourists who see it as a worthwhile spending binge. The tower's apex view, which provides a panoramic perspective of the city, is something that should not be missed. Spectators would do everything to record these moments with gardens all around them and clouds appearing to be within reach. 

The luxurious emblem of a hotel soaring over 325 metres above the sea is the Burj Al Arab. Standing on the man-made Jumeirah Island, it is a combination of majesty and innovation. It is not just an iconic emblem of Dubai, but it is also the world's third highest hotel. An underwater aquarium restaurant, a gold-dusted cappuccino, or simply a submersible tour of the ocean floor, there are innovative surprises at every turn here. 

Innovative slit in the Sea:

The man-made 'archipelago' (collection of islands) Palm Jumeirah is the result of five years of work. The island was created by throwing dirt into the water and ripping it apart. Hotels and resorts, restaurants, villas, and hotel apartments are all part of it. The vista from the summit is breathtaking, like a palm tree. This creative work leaves the viewer in doubt about how original the inventions are. 

Gardens are no exception – Miraculously Redefined

Skyscrapers, the sea, an island, and glass frames? Botanical Gardens are no exception when it comes to Dubai's philosophy. The Dubai Miracle Garden, which opened on Valentine's Day in 2013, is the biggest natural floral garden in the world. A trip around the garden can reveal up to 50 million different flower types and over 250 million different plant species. To many travellers' surprise, this garden has provided an experience that no other garden can even come close to. When it comes to children's enjoyment, they will never be bored or tired of exploring this garden.

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